Consequences Will Follow Soon If the US Government Will Not leave Its People and the World Alone

Friday, December 9, 2011
By Paul Martin

Now the American Empire is the most hated in the world, It has nothing to do with our freedom and prosperity. It has nothing to do with our Military might or our standard of living. It has everything to do with our foreign policy meddling the in affairs of other nations and toppling goverments we do not like or the bankers want out of the way. Our US government in our name is going around the world doing drone attacks in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen. They invaded Libya for no valid reason. They are trying to pick a fight with Syria and Iran. The American leadership are stepping on the toes of China and Russia. We have stooges being puppets for the bankers and Wall Street using our Military to start wars around the world with countries they do not like.

I pray Putin stays in Power in Russia. He would not now allow the money junkies to take one more inch of land for the bankers. Putin is not a puppet of the Wall Street gang and the international Banking Cartel. Thank God for Russia or we would be in World War III. The US goverment is trying foment revolutions and uprisings in Russia will blow back in faces of the empire. Russia will prevail. I hope this is a lesson to the American people that this US goverment is illegitimate when it interferes in an other country’s elections and removes democratically elected leaders. This goverment has their nose were it does not belong in the affairs of other nations. This is why we can get some real Islamic terrorism on our soil because we are in their country and bombing their children,wives and mothers for no reason. This foreign policy of full spectrum domination around the world the US is only making more enemies more then friends.

Back home, every time there is a draconian decree coming down, gun sales surge. We have our phones tapped without any warrants. The military is very close to arresting non combatants on American soil. We cannot drink raw milk or grow a garden. They want to force feed us thinking they know better how to run our lives. Lets just face it. our goverment does not know how to leave anyone alone. Whether it be a sovereign country or a person. Our goverment cannot help but stick their nose were it does not belong.

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