Thursday, December 8, 2011
By Paul Martin

By Lee Duigon
December 8, 2011

Republican establishment types think America’s way of selecting a president has been “hijacked by charlatans” (George Will says so) and “trivialized” (says Karl Rove). Will has singled out Herman Cain as the most notorious offender. Rove’s scowl is focused on Donald Trump.

Where have these guys been, the last four years? George, Karl, it’s time you were clued in: we already have a charlatan in the White House! And you, you dolts, helped put him there. The process has already been trivialized. And you, you elitist prigs, helped trivialize it.

What could be more trivial, more inane, more pitiful than voting for someone for president because he’s black? Because you love the way he prattles on about “hope and change”? Do you want to see “trivial,” Karl? How about the spectacle of some community organizer Man from Nowhere standing between a pair of Styrofoam Greek columns and spouting a lot of bilge about making the sea levels go down?

Don’t these country-club numbskulls understand that the system is already broken? And who broke it? The professionals! The experts! The political insiders! They were supposed to guide our nation’s destiny. They knew all the ropes. You amateurs, you Donald Trumps and Herman Cains—get out of the way!

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