Global Warfare: Where will Obama’s Strike Next? “Preplanned Wars” will lead to “Preplanned “Results”

Sunday, December 4, 2011
By Paul Martin

by Rev. Richard Skaff
Global Research
December 4, 2011

While promoting his book on October 3, 2007 at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco California, former four star general, NATO Supreme commander, politician, hawk, and 2004 presidential candidate Wesley Clark stated in a surprisingly significant speech that the neocons had committed a “policy coup” and took over the direction of American policy but forgot to notify the rest of the country.

Clark went on to say that he met with Donald Rumsfeld in the Pentagon ten days after 9/11. He added that on that same day he also met with an officer from the joints staffs who discussed with him and attempted to show him a classified memo issued by the secretary of defense’s office that called for invasion and destruction of governments in seven countries (besides Afghanistan) in the near East and Africa in a five year period. According to Clark, these countries listed in the memo were Sudan , Syria , Libya , Lebanon , Iraq , Somalia , and Iran .[1].

In addition, Clark connected this classified memo to another meeting he had with Paul Wolfowitz in the Pentagon in 1991, when Mr. Wolfowitz was the undersecretary of defense for policy (number 3 position in pentagon) and after the first invasion of Iraq by the US in Desert Storm. Clark edified that Mr. Wolfowitz wasn’t satisfied with keeping Saddam in power at that time. However, he allegedly told General Clark that the US learned an important lesson during Desert Storm. The moral of the lesson was that the US can use their military power in the Middle East and the Russians won’t intervene or stop them. In addition, Wolfowitz allegedly pontificated to Clark that they had about 10 years to clean up those old soviet client regimes like in Syria , Iraq , Iran , etc, before another great super power emerges and challenges them. [1].

Clark’s 2007 speech was eerie in a sense that it clearly illustrated the plan to reshape the Middle East has been at work for many years. The vision of Oded Yinon is unraveling, and the Arab Spring is far from being a spring where life is rejuvenated, but instead it is a path to the underworld and to the total destruction of the entire region.

One of the nagging questions would be why has Russia never interfered or objected to the US military interventions in that region as claimed by Wolfowitz?

A possible answer would be is that post Soviet Russia became the ill and feeble patient of Eurasia who always was dependent on capitalist money, and has become satisfied with being a spectator who is rewarded with any bones or carcasses that the West will throw their way.

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