U.S. being declared a “Battlefield” -Military can arrest and Lock Up ANY U.S. citizen – We are about to become Nazi U.S.A. – Seriously! Bill Going to vote on floor Monday (11/28/11)

Saturday, November 26, 2011
By Paul Martin


This is it! This would take away any last freedoms we think we may have.

A Bill that allows the military to become the police and declares the U.S. as a battlefield, then the military can take and detain any U.S. citizen in the battlefield! They never have to charge you with anything nor give you a trial with this bill! In other words, if they don’t like what you say or do, you can be picked up and held for the rest of your life without ever be given a reason nor trial!

If you enjoy what little freedoms we have left… then you need to let your elected official (not that they listen to the people) to vote NO on this bill!

It is coming up for vote on Monday or Tuesday – Carl Levin (D) and John McCain (R) created a bill behind closed doors that proclaims even the U.S. as a battlefield and U.S. citizens can be proclaimed enemy combatants!

This is so serious! This makes the military the Police and allows the military to come to your front door and arrest and lock you up! Remember the patriot act allows the U.S. to take people and never say they have them.

This would even go farther, it will be the military not the FBI, CIA etc to take U.S. citizens. It could be the military that could start shooting at us, since we would be in a battlefield!

Is it because the government doesn’t trust the police to stop the Occupy Wall Street folks? Is it because they know the police may even join the OWS movement at some point?

The ACLU is telling everyone to contact they elected official and tell them to vote NO!

This is so outrageous!

We will be Egypt/Syria/Libya if this goes through! The military will be our police!

Lindsay Graham and Kelley Ayotte both (R) support the bill – they feel the U.S. is a battlefield now.

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