It is Time for State Government to Recall US Senators and Memebers of Congress Back to be Accountable.

Friday, November 25, 2011
By Paul Martin
Friday, November 25, 2011

Before the 17th Amendment was announced as ratified by the secretary of State in 1913. If it was legally ratified is still up in the air. Prior to the 17th amendment. The State legislator appointed two people to represent the state government in a neutral territory called Washington DC. These people were ambassadors of their respective states called Senators. When a Senator did not vote in the way the state legislator advised them to vote. They were recalled back to the state to be accountable to the government and they appointed another person to serve out the rest of the term. When the state governments appointed the US Senators, It most of the time kept a check on Federal power from encroaching on the states.

When we have loose cannons like Sen John McCain and Carl Levin drafting laws for the US Military to snatch up US citizens in the name of the war on terror with no due process or the right of habeas corpus. There is no public danger, it is about them holding onto power.These people need to be recalled back to thier states and a special election convened to vote in a new person who will be mindful of their oath. These Senators voted in free trade deal that have wrecked the industrial base in their states. They expanded Federal power over the states were it does not belong. There are many people in the US Senate who are entrenched and corrupt. They are not fit to hold office. They are in the pocket of special interest and the money junkies. This group of millionaires or empty suits needs to be held accountable.

I looked in the books in Texas and a couple of other states. The State legislator by law, still reserves the right to recall their US Senators back to the state capital to answer why they passed a law that would undermine the farmers or the industrial base. Why are they voting for laws to undermine the right to due process of the people. Why are they voting for laws that takes away the power from the states to determine their own affairs. I hear many legislators whine and complain about Federal power over reaching were it does not belong and feel helpless to do anything about it. Passing resolutions in the state houses and senates will do much of nothing. How they states can start to have teeth in their actions against the Federal government is first start recalling

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