DUI Checkspoints Nationwide, Could We See Homeland Security/TSA VIPR teams out there Assisting the Police?

Friday, November 25, 2011
By Paul Martin

Thursday, November 24, 2011

After living in Florida for many years before moving to Texas. In the sunshine state, drunk driving is not just a crime, it is a money generating industry for the lawyers, for the counseling centers and these drunk driving schools. The Judge who sends a person to these place most likely owns the school and the drug and alcohol centers. Talk about a conflict of interest. It is not about stopping drunk driving. It is about making money for the goverment and the industries that court sends people to to squeeze money in another direction.

These checkpoints are a joke. They do not catch drunk drivers at all. We can see at some of these check points the police are drawing blood on the side of the road without a warrant paid for by a Federal grant. A person does not have to be drunk to get a blood draw by the police. It is to set up a DNA database on everyone. In most cases they do not catch drunk drivers at all. They usually catch people who do not have a license, registration, insurance, not wearing a seat-belt or have an outstanding warrant out for their arrest.

These checkpoints do select enforcement, illegal aliens are given a pass on the required documents to drive. They are allowed a pass being intoxicated through these checkpoints while the citizens get the shaft by the system. Illegal aliens driving drunk has been responsible for more fatalities in the border states than any other group of people. The police are ordered to give them a pass,especially in sanctuary cities were illegal aliens can live free without revealing their status being here legally or not.

These DUI checkpoints are illegal and unconstitutional. They violate the 4th and 5th amendments in the bill of rights. Another concern is will there be Homeland Security/TSA VIPR teams out there with the Police at these Checkpoints violating the 9th and 10th amendments encroaching on states rights . It has been reported they are starting this up in the State of Tennessee using the TSA/VIPR teams on the highways. It is nothing to do with drunk driving. It has to do with money to enhance revenue for the courts and the local governments. It is also to let the people know Obama’s DHS is in control.

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