This Is How Protesters Are Dealt With In America: Pepper Spray To The Face, Rubber Bullets At Point Blank Range And Brutally Dragging Women By Their Hair

Tuesday, November 22, 2011
By Paul Martin

How in the world can the United States condemn other nations for how they are handling their protest movements when we treat our own protesters so brutally? No matter what you may think of Occupy Wall Street and the other protest movements that have sprung up across the United States, the truth is that you should be incredibly alarmed about the tactics that law enforcement authorities are choosing to use against them. If we decide to accept these tactics now, then the exact same “police state” tactics will be used against you when the time comes that you want to protest against the government. In recent weeks, we have seen law enforcement authorities brutally dragging female protesters to the ground by their hair. We have also seen them use pepper spray, tear gas, rubber bullets and flash-bang stun grenades against protesters. If this is how protesters are going to be dealt with from now in America, then we have completely lost the moral high ground. How will we ever get other nations to take us seriously when we criticize their brutality against protesters when we are so brutal ourselves?

Yes, the Occupy Wall Street protesters have attempted to occupy some places that they are legally not allowed to occupy. Yes, some Occupy Wall Street protesters have done some things that warrant arrest. But that does not mean that the police have to act like they are working for Hitler, Mao or Stalin.

Yes, police have a very hard job. But there is no excuse for the police brutality that we have seen happen all over the nation recently. The police can enforce the laws and treat us all with gentleness and respect at the same time. If there are any police out there that do not believe that they can do this, then they should quit their jobs. There are lots of other people willing to fill them.

If you do not understand what I am talking about yet, just watch the videos posted below.

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