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Tuesday, November 22, 2011
By Paul Martin

Barb’s Note: My Grandparents lived in the Ukraine. They immigrated to the U.S. in the very early 1900s. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to shine the light on what is so difficult for those who have been incrementally indoctrinated by the system to see….. and that is the systematic destruction of every natural right afforded man to thrive.
Please read the following commentary by Lisa, and the full article written by Eric Peters, and reprinted with permission, about what we are facing. This is real. This is in our face RIGHT NOW. Don’t think so? Just Google raids on raw milk suppliers and family health food stores. Then for a giggle, try and take a flight without being molested by thugs in uniforms. Barb
Submission Training
I live in a country (The Netherlands) that was invaded in 1940 by Nazi Germany. The below article is a warning, and from the first-hand experiences I’ve heard from local Dutch people, this is PRECISELY what their daily lives entailed 70 years ago. These people had to wonder and plan, every day, what they would do when the Nazi’s came to their own door: to check for hidden weapons; to check for hidden food reserves; to check for hidden medicine stores; to check for ANGER on the faces of any persons in every house; to check for any sign of resistance to their dominant reality.
It’s no longer a “classified” secret that after the second world war, the leaders of the fledgling CIA offered a safe-haven for top Nazi military brass, scientists, professors, doctors, and all of their immediate family. This information can easily be found on the internet, by a simple check of it’s ‘code name’ Operation Paper-Clip. Go on, ‘Google’ it.
After 70 years, what kind of progress could those Nazi ideals, plans, methods, research, experiments, and IMPLEMENTATION have caused?- A total and complete overhaul of all of American society. Start looking around to prove me wrong. I dare you. I implore you to prove me wrong.

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