If There Is a Run on the Banks, Know Who To Blame

Monday, November 21, 2011
By Paul Martin

It isn’t Alex Jones or Gerald Celente

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Monday, November 21, 2011

Following our coverage last week of the fallout from the collapse of MF Global, Gerald Celente appeared on the Alex Jones Show numerous times to warn listeners that the only way to really ensure their money was protected was to withdraw it all from banks and financial institutions without delay.

Celente was a high-profile victim of the theft of almost $1 billion in funds that was stolen from MF Global customers and its subsidiaries and has since gone “missing” after reports the money was initially transferred to JP Morgan. Celente himself lost a six figure sum that he was preparing to cash in to take physical delivery of gold bullion in December.

Some customers have been told they may get around 60 per cent of their money back. Others, including Celente, have been told they’ll get nothing.

Celente’s fury at being looted by MF Global prompted him to encourage Americans to cash out of all gold ETFs and withdraw their funds from the bank because “they are going to steal all our money”.

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