Seeing the Implosion of Tyrants Before Our Eyes Trying to Quell Occupy Wall Street

Saturday, November 19, 2011
By Paul Martin
Saturday, November 19, 2011

President Obama has his back against the wall right now with occupy Wall Street and all the other protest springing up worldwide. George Soros and Michal Moore with other leftist foundation operatives have been trying to make this movement Obama’s Tea Party movement as a springboard to be reelected as second term. That has not worked at all trying to co-opt the movement to advance wealth redistribution and higher taxes. They tried to use it to advance communism and socialism Everything the establishment tried to do to deflect the message of what these people were saying has been fruitless.

It has been reported that the Department of Homeland Security has coordinated with big city police agencies in an effort to break up the movement trying to break the protesters will. We have heard of infiltrators more like undercover Police officers being agent provocateurs destroying property and trying to start a riot has not worked either. They are being caught left and right. This tactic has worked in decades past in the 1960s and in other countries as a way for tyranny to take hold with draconian restrictions on freedom in the name of security. Now, it not working now. Technology has helped expose this to the people. Now the protesters are much wiser and more alert to the devices the tyrants use to demonize free speech. I am glad it is not working for the authoritarians.

As long as the occupy movement holds it’s ground and does not allow the police an excuse to go crack skulls. We will cause them to crater and implode. As long the police are shown to be attacking people without provocation or valid reason. It will not look good. It will cause them to implode with confusion among their own peers. I can tell you some in the Houston PD and the Brazoria country Sheriff deputies are embarrassed to see their own peers acting like thugs being a disgrace to the uniform they wear. We have to now make the case down at occupy America protest nationwide that this war on Terror and Drugs is a fraud generated by the goverment. The way the police are acting like criminals for no reason, implementing all these unnecessary restrictions in the name of finding Osama Bin Laden and that everyone’s is guilty until proven innocent police state has no more credibility.

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