It is Time to Arrest Congressman Who Aid and Abet in Legalizing Fraud for the Bankers.

Saturday, November 19, 2011
By Paul Martin
Friday, November 18, 2011

We have let congress go to far, we cannot blame them completely. We have to blame ourselves. We allow them to exempt themselves from the laws they pass and impose on us. The role of government is to secure the liberties and property of the people. The other function to is protect the people from force and fraud. We have failed to stop congress in its corruption. No we have a congress who are brought and paid for the by the bankers to use the force of government to allow the bankers to commit fraud against the people. They protect the bankers who use force and fraud to loot the people. We must make support from Wall Street and the bankers a political liability next election.

We petitioned the government and asked our congressional representatives to investigate itself and clean out the corruption. Congress has failed to arrest Eric Holder for lying to congress. It seems there is selective enforcement of the ethics rules in congress. It seems the powerful protect themselves from prosecution. The last person I can recall to be removed and dealt with harshly was James Traficant. He was unjustly tried and convicted by perjury of witnesses on the stand and flimsy evidence. The reason why he was treated harshly was because he took on Israel when he helped free a man accused of being Nazi war criminal Ivan the Terrible when there was evidence say that was not him. This Ohio congressmen took on Israel and that is why the removed him from congress because of selective enforcement.

So what are we supposed to do? The FBI will not help and these special prosecutors are just smoke and mirrors. The Department of Justice is there to protect the powerful and tramples on the weak. It should be called the Department of Just-us not Justice. Because it is an injustice what is going on now. They protect corruption in congress and goes after political enemies. If we cannot get the Federal government to act on the behalf of the people. It is time to turn to the states and our counties to deal with our corrupt US Representative and Senators. Why do I say this? It is because the corruption has caused injury to many people in these districts or states by legalizing fraud by law to allow the bankers to loot and plunder the economy. We need to start grand juries investigations and while congress is not in session subpena them before the panel.

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