ECB Riots Begin in Italy as Globalist “Super Mario” Forces Austerity

Saturday, November 19, 2011
By Paul Martin

Kurt Nimmo
November 18, 2011

On his first day in office, the bankster prime minister of Italy, Mario Monti, told Italians they can expect to be rolled by the ECB banksters.

As we noted last week, Monti is a super globalist. He is a Trilateralist, Bilderberger, and former bankster (Intesa Sanpaolo). His job is to bring IMF-style austerity to the people of Italy now that Silvio Berlusconi has made way.

Super Mario managed to rally the Italian parliament and get a vote of confidence as he unveiled his “reform” program. He warned ordinary Italians they can expect more pain through “deficit-reduction measures” and other “correctives.”

In other words, parliament under the rule of a seasoned globalist and bankster will force the Italian people to pay off a debt they did not want and do not owe.

Specifically: Italy will introduce a raft of new taxes and introduce “incentives” for free traders looking to buy up Italy’s public infrastructure for pennies on the dollar. It will also cut Italy’s socialist public sector where shovel-leaning jobs are the norm.

But forget the chortling approval for austerity you hear coming out of the corporate media. In fact, as blogger J. Brad Hicks notes, the whole thing is a scam, as usual:

Deutsche Bank and other German banks loaned huge sums of money to Greece and Italy, knowing for a fact that at least half of the loaned money was being stolen by wealthy personal friends and business partners of government officials, and not caring, because they knew that the ECB would enforce “austerity,” would demand that people who didn’t benefit from those loans, not the wealthy people who did, pay them back by the enforced looting of those countries of every asset. There will be riots; there may well even be civil war, but Deutsche Bank will be repaid and those countries’ infrastructure and archaeological treasures and other resources will end up in the hands of the banksters and their friends for pennies on the dollar, extracted at gunpoint by the Greek and Italian armies with whatever “stabilization” help they need from NATO – as a matter of sacred principle.

Meanwhile, in Europe, the IMF Riot has morphed into the ECB Riot.

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