Something Big Is Coming… and It’s Going to Be BAD

Friday, November 18, 2011
By Paul Martin

by Phoenix Capital Research

Something major is occuring in the markets today.

The US economy peaked in 2007. However, throughout much of 2008, the stock market continued to rally despite the economic collapse as well as the financial system imploding.

Throughout this period the credit markets jammed up and implied something VERY BAD was in the system. However, stock investors continued to pile into stocks because, well, frankly stocks always are the last to “get it.”

And when stocks finally did get it… it was quite a thing.

This same environment is occurring today. Only this time the collapse is sovereign in nature: entire countries are going bust.

We have been getting MAJOR warning signs of a collapse for months now. No less than the Bank of England, the IMF, and legendary asset management firm Franklin Templeton have warned that we are facing an epic, hellish crisis.

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