Wednesday, November 16, 2011
By Paul Martin

By NWV News Writer Jim Kouri
November 16, 2011

Law enforcement officials are attempting to combat the sex crimes committed against the most vulnerable members of U.S. society. At the same time, there are adults who believe having sexual relations with children should not be viewed as a crime but merely as an alternative lifestyle.

Pennsylvania State University‚Äôs assistant football coach, Mike McQueary, has been placed on administrative leave and will not attend the team’s final game. McQueary has claimed he witnessed former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky sexually molesting a 10-year old boy in the locker room shower in 2002.

The probe into alleged abuses by Sandusky — who denies the allegations — has stretched from Pennsylvania to the state of Texas. He is accused of sexually abusing at least eight boys over the last 15 years.

The sex scandal has already left the celebrated head football coach Joe Paterno and the university’s president unemployed.

To many observers, the lack of interest on the part of Penn State’s executives had to do with the perceived threat to the almighty dollar which is lifeblood of academia.

“The faculty and staff at universities decry capitalism and those who accumulate wealth by working hard, long hours, but they are the ones who will sacrifice a young boy and allow a pedophile to continue working on a campus,” observes political strategist and attorney Mike Baker.

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