There Is ‘No Way Out’ for Europe: Economist

Tuesday, November 15, 2011
By Paul Martin

By: Shai Ahmed

There is no solution to the current debt crisis plaguing the euro zone, and it’s an illusion to think that one lies on the horizon, an economist told CNBC Monday.

“There is no way out, I never thought there was, not for any of the countries that are in trouble. Once one of these countries goes into this sort of problem, there is no escape,” Roger Nightingale, economist at RDN Associates, said.

He dismissed the current, positive sentiment among investors regarding Italy as temporary and fleeting.
“In a few days time or a few weeks, things will go wrong again, yields will go up and the whole thing will skid into decline. It’s a foregone conclusion most of Europe is already in recession. It is relatively uncompetitive, and it is facing extra bond yields, extra interest rates which of course it can’t live with, and (it) will have slower rates of growth,” he added.

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