Government by Force: Financially and Conceptually Bankrupt

Monday, November 14, 2011
By Paul Martin

by Michael S. Rozeff

Our system of government erases personal responsibility and replaces it with personal irresponsibility. As government reaches its limits, caused by its inefficiencies, unhappiness and misery increase. The pendulum at some point will swing back.

A major shift in the way we do many things awaits us: the return of personal responsibility. This shift will, when it happens, qualify as a new mega-trend. When enough people become dissatisfied with their lives and understand the role of government in causing their dissatisfaction, this shift will gain momentum.

Government in its current form, forced upon us rather than being by subscription or voluntarily chosen, exemplifies where we now stand. Its failures foreshadow the opposite direction in which we will be headed.

Government operates and gains general acceptance under the theory that it is an efficient way to solve the problems of ordinary people. Ordinary people turn a problem they face, like their health care or their education or their defense, over to others in government that they think of as professionals or specialized experts or leaders or politicians. These experts, vested with power, then make the decisions for the ordinary people. Given large powers, the experts dictate large portions of the lives of ordinary people.

Under this theory, people have more time to specialize in their own work and create wealth for themselves and their families. They don’t have personally to handle the education of their children or the investment of their money or where a factory is built or the kind of light bulb they buy. They stop making major retirement choices. They give up many medical choices. They go to war when they are told to, or else they pay for it when they are told to. They give up their freedom, and simultaneously they attenuate their personal responsibilities.

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