Monday, November 14, 2011
By Paul Martin

By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
November 14, 2011

[Note: There’s a great deal in the news regarding the economic difficulties of Greece and whether they will cause problems for the entire European Union (EU). However, in Moneynews (October 27, 2011) international investor Jim Rogers said that because “most European countries are increasing their debt rather than decreasing it,” problems for the EU will continue. Reuters on October 4 had reported that Russia’s prime minister Vladimir Putin wanted to bring ex-Soviet countries into a Eurasian Union with “a stronger integration on a new political and economic basis,” because “he saw the way out of the global [economic] crisis through a regional integration.”

Of course, the integration will be Socialist, because that’s the goal of the Power Elite (PE). And that President Obama is playing an important part in achieving that goal by moving the U.S. more toward Socialism can be inferred from The Voice of Russia announcement on August 2, 2011 that “Russia’s Post Office has issued a collection of stamps and envelopes to mark the 50th jubilee of the U.S. President Barack Obama.” Russia or the U.S.S.R. never did this for any previous president, did they?

The U.S. is also moving closer to Communist China, as their People’s Daily Online (September 30, 2011) covered Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s visit to Beijing, where he expressed his pleasure that “at least 50 Chinese auto-related companies have set up shops in the Detroit area.” And if you look at this article, you can see Gov. Snyder wearing a lapel pin of combined U.S. and Communist China flags!]

What Dr. Shirley McCune was saying at the end of Part 3 is a fulfillment of what Arthur Calhoun wrote in the third volume of his 1919 book, A Social History of the American Family, in which he proclaimed: “The modern individual is a world citizen, served by the world, and home interests can no longer be supreme…. As familism weakens, society has to assume a larger parenthood. The school begins to assume responsibility for the functions thrust upon it…. The kindergarten grows downward toward the cradle and there arises talk of neighborhood nurseries…. Social centers replace the old time home chimney…. The child passes more and more into the custody of community experts…. It seems clear that at least in its early stages, socialism will mean an increased amount of social control…. We may expect in the socialist commonwealth a system of public educational agencies that will begin with the nursery and follow the individual through life…. Those persons that experience alarm at the thought of intrinsic changes in family institutions should remember that in the light of social evolution, nothing is right or valuable in itself.”

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