What Should Have Been Voted to Amend to the Texas Constituion Last Tuesday Election Would Have Sent Shockwaves Nationwide

Sunday, November 13, 2011
By Paul Martin

Sunday, November 13, 2011

It was a useless election last Tuesday in Texas. They had ten propositions to amend to the Texas Constitution to be up for a vote by the people. The amendments were a bunch of legal jargon and unfamiliar terms. They really had nothing to do with the pressing needs of Texans. I had seen amendments about Water districts and School Districts with a bunch of terms that did not make sense. I mean it was a bunch of useless initiatives that would have done nothing to meet the needs of Texans. When I see confusing terms and alien words not easy for the average person to understand to make an informed choice. One thing I learned it is to empower government and not the people.

What should have been on the ballot since the State Senate did not have the courage and guts to defy the Justice Department. The TSA anti groping bill should have put on the ballot. Why, because they people of Texas would have spoken loud and clear about the TSA. They would have told Obama to bring it on, if his goons in the Justice Department threatened a no fly zone over Texas. Texans would have spoken their mind at the ballot box. It would have won by a landslide that even Diebold machines could not flip the vote. The vote would be overwhelming crossing all ideologies and political party lines. If the people voted, “yes” overwhelmingly to make it criminal for Federal Agents to grope a person without a search warrant signed by a judge and not be put into the body scanners that are not safe. Would have the TSA shaking in their boots.

I sense the TSA is going to cause Obama a major political defeat real soon because they have over reached. The TSA abuse will be a chain reaction where the White House will crater and implode on itself. The people want to be left alone. They are tired of getting treatment like criminals when they go into the airports and now they are moving onto the highways. People do not want to be bothered doing day-to-day activities. If the people were to vote on the TSA in Texas, it would be a major blow against tyranny. They would vote to throw them out if it was on the ballot. If there is anyone in the other several states, want to take on the TSA using states rights. Someone needs to step forward and get signatures to have it amended to their state constitutions to throw out the TSA. It is time to let the people speak and not the weak-kneed politicians that are not leaders, but useless panty waste.

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