If Romney, Cain Or Perry Gets The Republican Nomination It Is Going To Be An Absolute Disaster For America

Friday, November 11, 2011
By Paul Martin


Over the past couple of months, the mainstream media has been telling us that Mitt Romney, Herman Cain and Rick Perry are the “top tier” candidates and that none of the other Republicans that are running really have a legitimate shot at winning the nomination. Well, if either Romney, Cain or Perry wins the nomination it is going to be an absolute disaster for America. The United States cannot afford another four years of Barack Obama. But we cannot afford four years of Romney, Cain or Perry either. All three of them have deep ties to the establishment, all three of them are clueless about how to fix what is wrong with this country and all three of them would continue most of the failed policies of the Bush/Obama era. The United States is running out of time, and if we are going to turn things around we need to make fundamental changes right now. But if either Romney, Cain or Perry wins the nomination we will almost certainly be guaranteed four more years of rapid decline.

One of the great myths of this election season is that Romney, Cain and Perry are conservatives. Even though all three of them are trying to claim that label, the truth is far from that. At best, Herman Cain and Rick Perry are political moderates with deep, deep ties to the establishment. Mitt Romney is so liberal that someone needs to tell him that he is in the wrong political party.

But in the final analysis it really doesn’t matter whether they call themselves “Democrats” or “Republicans”, because increasingly our two major political parties are becoming just two sides of the same coin. The Democrats and the Republicans are both funded by the elite, they are both controlled by the elite and they both serve the purposes of the elite.

That is why it is absolutely imperative that we send someone to the White House that is not already bought and paid for. If we elect another “establishment candidate” in 2012, we will get the same results that we have been getting for the past 50 years.

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