Hospitalized Indiana Veterinarian With trH3N2

Thursday, November 10, 2011
By Paul Martin
November 10, 2011

Event Information Site for IHR National Focal Point,2011/11/2 Source: WHO Event Information Site for IHR National Focal Point, 2011/11/2
U.S. 11 / 1 reported two cases of swine-derived H3N2 influenza cases, prior to the onset had a history of contact with pigs.

1 case of 8-year-old boy, the incidence of 10/22, 10/24 medical treatment; the other 1 case of 58-year-old male veterinarian, the incidence of 10/20, 10/21-10/24 hospital. The United States this year, total 7 cases swine-derived H3N2 influenza cases so far in 2005 total of 15 cases.

The above translation is from a Taiwan CDC warning of travel to the US due to human cases of trH3N2. It cites information from a password protect WHO site (National Focal point) used to report diseases covered by International Health Regulations (IHR). The report above provides additional detail on two most recently reported trH3N2 cases.

The case from Indiana (reported as 59M and represented by A/Indiana/10/2011 by the US CDC) is a veterinarian who was hospitalized for three days, raising concerns that the novel constellation of genes seen in all seven human trH3N2 due to 2011 infections has jumped to swine in Indiana.

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