From 9/11 To World War III:Towards The Construction of A Global Fascist State

Tuesday, November 8, 2011
By Paul Martin

NOVEMBER 8, 2011

“Is not war the very root and matter of all famed enterprises? And yet what more foolish than to undertake it for I know what trifles, especially when both parties are sure to lose more than they get by the bargain? For of those that are slain, not a word of them; and for the rest, when both sides are close engaged “and the trumpets make an ugly noise,” what use of those wise men, I pray, that are so exhausted with study that their thin, cold blood has scarce any spirits left? No, it must be those blunt, fat fellows, that by how much the more they exceed in courage, fall short in understanding.” – Erasmus, “In Praise of Folly.”

“Oh Zeus Universal, if you hear our song,
Show us again your immortal power
In this darkest hour.” – Sophocles, “Oedipus the King.”
The propaganda campaign against Iran, which began in its latest incarnation when the Obama administration falsely accused Tehran of plotting to assassinate Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Washington, has already lost steam.

Officials in Washington and Tel Aviv have failed to convince the international community that a) Iran has a nuclear bomb, and b) a nuclear Iran poses a significant threat to the existence of Israel, or the security of the world.

Iran’s rise in the region represents the end of the dominance of the Anglo-American empire and Israel, not the end of the world.

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