The New World Order Is in Big Trouble

Saturday, November 5, 2011
By Paul Martin

Too Many Eurozone Summits

by Gary North

The New World Order is in big trouble. The European subdivision is visibly coming apart at the seams.

You can always tell when an important NWO arrangement is in crisis mode. The representatives of the mainstream media keep asking high-level spokesmen, “Does this threaten your program?” They answer, “No, this is just a temporary aberration.” They say this over and over. Meanwhile, the events that led to the question keep getting more threatening.

The other sign of a true crisis is that the world’s political leaders repeatedly meet at something called summits. A summit means “the top of the heap.” The highest-level officials meet with each other. They meet in private, but the meeting is visible for the media.

The journalists love a summit meeting, because summits are always held is swank hotels in hoity-toity locations. I mean, who would take seriously a summit held in, say, Hoboken, New Jersey? Nobody. So, the leaders meet in some Very Expensive Place. The reporters get to go there and lard up their expense accounts. And a good time is had by all.

The trouble with this strategy is that protesters can show up without much trouble. They do not stay at the swank hotel. The media never report on exactly where they stay. Somehow, thousands of them have the money to pay for plane fares. They find shelter at some bargain-basement price. Then they parade in front of the hotel, carrying signs and yelling a lot. “No more this! No more that! No more this! No more that!” Maybe someone carries a “Free Mumia” sign. This goes on until the summit ends.

Sometimes, they turn violent. A few dozen are arrested.

The members of the summit never say anything publicly about the protest. The media politely do not ask.

The press release assures the world that there were frank discussions at the summit. There will be further frank discussions by members of the permanent committee that has been assigned the task of examining the issue in depth. The attendees meet for a group photo. Then the meeting breaks up.

And Mumia remains in prison.

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