The Police State is There to Protect the Bankers, Monopolies and Their Corrupt Politicians From the People

Tuesday, November 1, 2011
By Paul Martin
Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A police state is brutal, it is cruel and has no honor. It uses fear, intimidation and terror in the dark of night when we are sleeping least expecting our doors broken down with guns drawn in our faces. A police state uses extreme measures to arrest a man for unpaid parking tickets instead of using common sense approaches that were used in the past. The police state goes after the innocent and does not care about real criminals. It police state seeks to watch us online and on the streets. It feels it has the need to keep tabs on the people. We ought to learn by now when we give the government an inch they will take a mile. This is why we need to be suspicious now more then ever when we hear the politicians saying we need to give up some freedom for public safety. In the end, it is a cold blooded system that seeks to put terror in the hearts of the people and even murder to make an example of a person sending the message not to challenge the corruption in government.

The corrupt political class uses the Hegelian dielectric of problem, reaction, and solution. By the very polices they created and selective enforcement of the laws has put our nation in distress. We see this in the economy, illegal immigration, in crime and in fraud. These politicians being the servants of the robber barons have not upheld their oaths and turned a blind eye to the laws passed by congress and state legislators to create chaos so the people will cry out for a solution. The proposal is something the people find repugnant before will gladly accept it is a way to stop it. Little do the people know it was done by design to enslave the people in a Police State. All designed to break the people’s will not to fight back.

The solution once implemented only amplifies the crisis and punishes the law abiding people with check points and invasive measures into every facet in our lives. Common sense is no longer used and people will ask “why is the government bothering me?, I am not breaking any laws” Little do they know they have become guilty until proven innocent because draconian lawss and new regulations put in place outside of congress takes away the presumption of innocence. Now everyone is suspect without due process of the law. The TSA is a prime example of this type of behavior trying to break our will as a people with intrusive measures not to protect us from terrorism, but to oppress us.

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