NJ Transit Ushers in Cashless Society with Google Wallet App for Smartphone Payment

Monday, October 31, 2011
By Paul Martin

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post..com
Monday, October 31, 2011

Just a few weeks ago, the New Jersey transportation authority announced the most recent Orwellian Big Brother policy under the guise of greater traveler convenience; a cover story for privacy intrusion that is becoming more and more popular when attempting to introduce the hi-tech police state security grid.

Unfortunately, however, it is a policy that will no doubt appeal to a generation raised without respect for privacy, anonymity, or freedom from electronic tagging and surveillance.

This “experiment” is the first public initiative of its kind, and is taking place in the third largest transit system in the country, with “165 rail stations, 60 light rail stations and more than 19,000 bus stops in areas in New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia.”

In her article for Government Technology, NJ Transit Commuters Use Smartphones to Make Purchases, Sarah Rich writes that the New Jersey transportation agency has now implemented a wireless payment plan that allows passengers to wave their smartphones in front of a special sensor in order to purchase a ticket for travel.

The sensor is located on the ticket vending machine and both the train and bus tickets are accessed via Google Wallet – an app that provides for wireless payment capabilities.

The Google Wallet system is also in place in New York Penn Station, Newark Liberty International Airport Rail Station and several other bus lines.

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