Fully Armed Citizen Border Guard Volunteers Occupy Phoenix

Monday, October 31, 2011
By Paul Martin

Mac Slavo
October 31st, 2011

In an exercise of free speech and the right to bear arms, citizen militia members of the US Border Guard have joined the Occupy Phoenix protests fully armed with their AR-15′s.

We’re exercising our Second Amendment right so that everyone can have a First Amendment right. What we want to drive home today is that regardless of different beliefs, the moment we give up our Second Amendment right, that’s when tyrants can come in. That’s when the big boys with guns can sweep through and take anybody’s rights away.

So that’s why we’re standing out here today. That’s our primary focus.

The secondary focus is that there’s 60,000 dead in northern Mexico from guns that our government provided, from training to the Los Zetas from our government.

…We’re having Americans killed and having Mexicans killed.

Everybody out here is part of a squad that’s fully trained to use justified use of deadly force…no we’re not Cowboys out here causing a problem. It’s all peaceful.

And that’s what we want to demonstrate to other folks to – that you can do this peacefully and that the more people that do it, the more you exercise that First Amendment and add teeth to it with the Second Amendment, that’ll keep the government from ever taking away our First Amendment rights.

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