El Hierro Volcano (Canary Islands) : Red alert – Increased (magma ?) activity at the Las Calmas Sea

Monday, October 31, 2011
By Paul Martin


Data update 31/10 – 23:04 UTC
A 3.9 earthquake occurred at 22:06 UTC. It was the strongest earthquake today.

Data update 31/10 – 20:20 UTC
The muddy stain looks to be more active than ever before. A satellite image would reveal a far greater stain than last week. The fact that the eruption at La Restinga increased again might be linked to the stronger earthquakes in the El Golfo area. One of the scenarios earlier discussed at jonfr.com, a dedicated amateur volcano follower discussion group, was that the La Restinga – Las Calmas – Puerto Naos eruption was feeded by deep magma movement at El Golfo. This scenario seems to become more realistic with the current events. The picture belongs to diarioelhierro.es and was taken by Gelmert Finol at 18:00 today!
The oceanographic ship, the Roman Margalef has detected magmatic material with another composition than last week. Apparently the material was red colored and totally different than the initial black stones with a white inner layer.

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