Vampire Squids Attack Humans, Resistance Deemed Racist, Humans Issue Demands

Friday, October 28, 2011
By Paul Martin
October 27, 2011

The German Bundestag voted 503 to 89 to destroy their currency and their nation by approving a leveraged Bailout of the banks which in Europe like America are owned by Vampire Squids. This law change will allow the banks to suck the life’s blood from everyone through hyperinflation. America long ago legalized funny money. This has allowed Ben Bernanke to create 16.1 trillion dollars out of nothing from 2008 to 2010. Bernanke has not told us but I assume Ben has been cranking out trillions more dollars over the past year. Now Europe can do what Bernanke has been doing which is to hyperinflate our savings, pensions and paychecks away to zero in order to give everything to the banks.

You Must Have Less So Vampire Squids Can Have More

The term Vampire Squid was originated by Tyler Durden over at Zero Hedge. He is Jewish so his criticism of Goldman Sachs cannot be termed racist. The Left in the German parliament voted for the enslavement of Europeans through hyperinflation because to vote against the Vampire Squids was considered racist. Excuse me. How can resistance to the evils of Fractional Reserve Banking and hyperinflarion be considered racism?

America is way ahead of Europe in terms of submitting to the rule of the Vampire Squids. The Americans passed the Patriot Act 10 years ago yesterday. America has already created NORTHCOM which will do to America what Africom is doing to the Africans which is killing them. The Americans proved they were not racist by passing the Military Commissions Act of 2006 to allow the US Army to become a military police to shoot their own citizens.

The Germans are not allowed to participate in the European Thug And Bill Collecting Force known as The European Gendarmerie Force (EUROGENDFOR or EGF) which was created in 2006. The EGF’s job is to go into deadbeat nations, take over their government and collect taxes which are to be sent directly to the Vampire Squid banks.

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