Friday, October 28, 2011
By Paul Martin

By Sheriff Jim R. Schwiesow, Ret.
October 28, 2011


Did you note the gleeful hilarity with which our Secretary of State greeted the news of the grim and ignominious assassination of Ethiopian leader Moammer Gadhafi at the hands of an American backed rabble of depraved and perverted insurgents of infinitely less worth and morality than their victim. Hillary, that eternal progressive and everlastingly execrable embodiment of the disease of classless collectivism, exhibited the malevolent mentality that is the very heart of the liberal progressive ideology. These single-minded social anarchists continually inveigh against the God-given gift of individualism and free-will and endeavor to reduce mankind to an amorphous, dependent and malleable aggregate of dependent droids. Dear reader liberalism or progressivism is a spiritual disease as deadly and negative as the deadly pathologies of a physical kind.

But, I digress – back to Hillary that black widow of the demonization euphemistically referred to as the Obama Administration; that this so-called lady would let go of any semblance of dignity and professional bearing to reveal an entirely savage and barbarous personal character in a televised public interview was astounding. If it had not been too inelegant I actually believe that she would have liked to have danced on a table in exultation, I thank the stars that we were saved from that!…As it was she remained seated, but let go with a perfectly cold-hearted and grisly narration of the bloody assassination during which her great exhilaration – seemingly born of a sadistic and perverted character – was evidenced by graceless laughter and a mirthful shaking of her plump body with pure pleasure. One can only speculate as to the dark forces that enable a human being to experience such a vicarious thrill from the grisly butchery of another human being.


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