Science of Revolution- Defeating Wall Street Banks and the Federal Reserve

Sunday, October 23, 2011
By Paul Martin
OCTOBER 23, 2011

To what degree have large banks and corporations committed treason, war profiteering, theft, and usurped the power of our government? Has it gone so far that it would be the patriotic duty of Americans to have a revolution which restores economic liberties and constitutional representative government? If so how do we begin to do that?

There are large numbers of Americans and people around the world who are protesting right now and it seems to be about the same thing. It is a protest against an international cartel of corporations and banks employing the United States military, NATO, and its defense industries to advance a rotten international financial order and corporate agenda. Many governments of the world are being held captive by these interests and then being directed on how to make decisions.

To their credit, the Occupy Wall Street protests are in New York where the heart of the problem is. Protests are also directed less toward the occupied governments and more toward those powerful corporations which have control over government and are primarily responsible for the conditions of worldwide economic and political failure.

You say you want a revolution? The old Beatles song may have had a point or two but given what is happening today everything is not going to be alright. The song reflects some modern reality of how building support for a successful revolution can be easier said then done. In fact many revolutions in the history of world have turned out badly and not met the expectations of its participants. However we can learn something useful from the American experience of the 1700′s and 1800′s. It is here where there is true evidence of “exceptionalism” to this trend of revolutions that fail to succeed or deliver. It was difficult, but somehow Americans were able to blaze a trail of freedom which peoples and nations around the world were able to follow.

The big secret about the American revolution is that it had already taken place before 1776. The economic, social, financial, and political functions that were cemented following the revolution were already being practiced beforehand. The ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness had been ingrained in the people’s personal live, commerce, and in the fabric of society.

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