Monday, October 17, 2011
By Paul Martin

By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
October 17, 2011

[Note: In Notes at the beginning of my last two NewsWithViews columns, I have referred to the economic crisis in Europe and how it could result in more than just a monetary union of the nations there as the next step in the Power Elite’s (PE) plan. On October 7, reported that former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan said: “I think it’s very dangerous…. I think we have been through a remarkably elaborate program to find out whether single currencies work,” but he concluded a Greek default “is looking likely.” IMF advisor and Harvard economist Robert Shapiro told the BBC that by late this month, there could be “a meltdown in sovereign debt which will produce a meltdown across the European banking system.” This could adversely impact the American economy.

I’ve mentioned before David Rockefeller’s admission that he’s part of a secret cabal moving us toward “one world.” The “secret cabal” also has been reshaping our values, and in The Second American Revolution (1973), John D. Rockefeller III not only disparaged “old-fashioned nationalism,” but he also applauded the “humanistic revolution” and sexual liberation. Relevant to this was the TV show “Love, American Style” (reruns today on MeTV) with episodes like “Love and Grandma” (1970) in which a senior couple, Paul Ford (the mayor in The Music Man) and Ruth McDevitt, are “living together” for economic reasons. Ruth’s granddaughter, Meredith McRae (Gordon McRae’s daughter), complains about the immorality of what they’re doing. However, in the end, they all, including Meredith McRae and Patrick Wayne (John Wayne’s son), accept the older couple’s immorality because they’re “happy.”]

Somali author Ayaan Hirsi Ali became a member of the Dutch Parliament and wrote her autobiography Infidel (2007), in which she explained what the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) had done in Kenya where she lived for some years. She said an MB preacher Boqol Sawn recruited women to make their husbands “good” Muslims who followed the MB view of “true Islam.” According to Ali, Sawn “stated that the men who rejected their wives’ call to Islam would burn…. Islam was under threat and its enemies—the Jews and the Americans—would burn forever.” Ali said that a young Kenyan woman who was breastfeeding was transported to an MB mosque, where a Sister Aziza told her that as the baby is feeding “beg Allah to protect your child from… evil ways of the Jews.” She further wrote: “The Muslim Brotherhood taught that, as Muslims, we should oppose the West. Our goal was a global Islamic government, for everyone…. Every devout Muslim who aspired to practice genuine Islam—the Muslim Brotherhood Islam—even if they didn’t actively support the [9/11] attacks, they must at least have approved of them.”

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