A message From A Texan to the Police About Occupy Wall Street Nationwide in All the Cities

Monday, October 17, 2011
By Paul Martin

Monday, October 17, 2011

To all Sworn Peace Officers and Police:

I would like to know is my question to the men in blue. Who do you work for and what is your mission? Do you work to protect the rights of the people? Is your orders is to protect the Political class from the people? Do you swear an oath to the corrupt political class to do their dirty work? Do you swear an oath to protect the bankers and Wall Street Robber Barons or did you swear to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States and the State you reside in? I mean from all enemies foreign and domestic.Do you believe the city goverment cares about you? Do you know what a lawful order is and unlawful directive is? While occupy Wall Street is escalating nationwide. Do you believe you are on the winning side?

The truth is the second American revolution has begun. There is a good chance the government might not win this one. When the people take back their government from the robber barons and corrupt politicians. Do you think you will not be held accountable by the people? When you are ordered to abuse people and arrest them without cause. Can you use the excuse I was just following orders? To give a lesson in history. The trials in Nuremberg where NAZI soldiers where on trial for committing cruel acts against innocent people. Just following orders was not a good defense. Following immoral orders is not an excuse. It is still the legal precedent to this day. If you are one of those officers going out violating people’s rights and abusing the people with pleasure because you are told to do it. Remember someone in the protest crowd has you face on camera and you name tag can be seen. people will not forget and will find you to bring you to justice. History repeats itself.

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