The Illusion of a Terror Threat is Over. The Government ‘s Excuse For a Police State and Illegal Wars Exposed

Friday, October 14, 2011
By Paul Martin
Thursday, October 13, 2011

All for our safety to keep us from those evil Muslims was all a farce and a crock. There was no threat to us in the first place. All these phony plots were contrived and carried out by our own goverment after Sept 11, 2001. They found a low IQ malcontent, offered money and explosive to go hit this or that target in a sting so they can arrest them later. We have the underwear bomber who boarded a plane without a passport. The State Department ordered the man on the plane without travel documents. Now we have a used car salesmen accused going after Saudi Diplomats. All thought up by the FBI so they make an arrest saying there is a threat of terrorism to scare us.

This terror threat is just a goverment illusion to scare us into giving up our rights and to go start a war has just had its Waterloo or watershed moment. This Iranian used car salesmen involved in a Terror plot was back in June. It was all government informants involved with no Iranian involvement. Iran has nothing to gain Iran had no more to do with this than Pewee Herman did. Now all of sudden Eric Holder is now called to testify before Congress about Fast and Furious to fabricate that our right to keep and bear arms as the cause for all the violence on the southern border with Mexico. When the Obama White House was behind running guns to Mexico from the evidence locker. This scandal will eclipse Iran Contra and Watergate.

Making the case for the Patriot Act, The TSA and the Department of Homeland Security is a farce created out of fraud is now clear. Now all these police state measure are now in jeopardy. Selling us the need to go into Iran fighting wars for Israel over nuclear facilities does not wash. We been lied to about Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction. This illusion of a foreign terror threat does not pass the test anymore. The case for more wars is no longer is justified. The US Government was behind it all concocting threats through these sting operations to justify we need more draconian laws that only help the real terrorist and punishes the law abiding.

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