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Friday, September 30, 2011
By Paul Martin

What Could We Do?

by Eric Peters

I’ve had numerous responses to articles I’ve written asking me, “Ok, so what’s the next step?”

I respect your intelligence, so I won’t say … voting.

We have about as much real choice at the ballot box as a condemned prisoner has when offered the option of being gassed – or hung. It will not matter an iota what front man is (s)elected for the 2012 presidential run. Oh, and that front man will not be Ron Paul – precisely because Ron Paul would not be a front man. I am certain he knows this as well as I do. He is running only because it gives him a podium; helps to spread the word. But Dr. Paul (who unlike the many shysters with mail-order divinity degrees out there actually is a real doctor and so deserves the honorific) knows he’s this era’s Barry Goldwater – and just as likely to be elected president.

In the end, we will get exactly what we’ve been getting for at least the past 147 years: More government-corporate tag teaming. And the ones being tagged will be us.

So, what can we do?

There is still one mechanism with real teeth that we can use to effect real change – if we have the sense to use it:

The market.

More specifically, our preferences (for liberty) as expressed via our actions – our decisions to buy or not – in the marketplace. It is a force with more locked-up potential in it than an electoral juggernaut. A means by which the country could be transformed – peacefully – not in a generation, but in a matter of weeks or months.

Consider two examples I’ve written about recently: GM’s odious OnStar onboard Big Brother – and the similarly loathsome Submission Training travelers must endure at airports. GM and the insurance cartels and the law enforcement cartels (the same thing, really) want to be able to monitor you at all times and control you, too, via GPS implants in cars that automatically and instantaneously transmit data about your driving habits directly to the “in” box of the enforcement arms of the latter. The TSA wants not “security,” but submission – and not just at airports. Gate rape is just a trial run. Once broadly accepted, count on it being expanded to shopping malls, public buildings, maybe even sidewalks.

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