Eliminate the FDA, the Insurance Companies, and Medical Education Before They Kill You

Thursday, September 29, 2011
By Paul Martin

by James Altucher

I’m a doctor. That’s not quite enough. Some might take that to mean I’m a “Doctor of Philosophy”. A PhD. In fact, I was rudely thrown out of graduate school. I asked to at least use the office for the summer but they said, “No.” I needed to pack all my stuff and be out by afternoon. While packing my desk I found a woman’s earring underneath but that’s another story.

No, what I really mean is I’m a “MEDICAL” Doctor. In other words, you can come to me with your ailment, I can either diagnose them or tell you you need more serious help and recommend a specialist (for instance, if your finger has been accidentally amputated by a lawnmower , then I am NOT the guy to sew it back on. You need to go to a hospital where they have sewing machines for that sort of thing) and I can recommend treatment for you: take 5 of these pills, for instance, and call me in a week and avoid a diet that is high on carbs for at least this week.

Wait a second? I’ve read through all of this blog. James DID NOT ONCE ever mention going to medical school.

Yeah? So? If you came to me with a headache, for instance, I would ask you a bunch of questions. Did you fall? Did someone hit you? Are you vomiting? Then I would take an ophthalmoscope (that little miner’s light where the doctor says, “now open wide” and a bright light shines directly into your eyes”) and I would look at the back of the eye (“the fundus”) to see if I can detect any swelling in the brain or any brain tumors. A simple check on the Internet will show many examples of pictures of a swelled brain compared with an unswelled brain. I might do an EEG also to see if there’s anything abnormal. If I see anything abnormal that requires immediate surgery or a neurologist then I would send you off to a specialized hospital. Else, take two aspirin and call me in the morning.

That wasn’t so hard, right? But to do that I need about 12 years of education and go about $300,000 in debt and then pay massive malpractice insurance. And not only that, what if your headache was the result of an ear infection or an eye infection (easy to tell by various methods that are easily found via Google)? I would have to prescribe you an antibiotic.

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