Has something changed in the Earths Axis ?, Indiginous people say so. Should we listen?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011
By Paul Martin

Why are Indiginous tribes saying something has changed with the Earths Axis

By Louistheguy
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Many ancient tribes have spoken of the changes in the Sun, the moon and the positioning of the stars. Its important to remember, that whilst we sit with sat nav, road signs, and taxis, these tribes of people still use the sky for their directions to and from their homes. A case in point is the Inuit people, who have talked of this shift in the axis. In January, an article in Modernsurvivalblog stated that data shows that there is a rapid pole shift under way. The article can be read here There are many hypothesis flying around at the minute and its nearly impossible to discern what is truth these days, but I would suggest that we should at least start looking at this data and maybe if enough independent scientists come up with a reasonable theory based on factual data then maybe we would know the answers. However, as we move towards that elephant in the room known as 2012 end times theory we may not know what is true, furthermore, maybe the talk of the Elite having created Arks for survival, as well as the Doomsday seed vault indicate that something of an Extinction Level Event is possible. There are discussions of these bunkers on various sites and can be viewed here or here as examples. This is another example of this topic here. I would advise much further research into this before accepting.

A short video can be watched here on from the Inuit people and what they say is happening. If anything, I would suggest that you examine all facts, I dont suggest that what these tribes are saying is true, but you know the old saying, there is no smoke without fire. We are going through many tumultuos changes in our planet. We are currently being entertained, kept in fear or distracted depending on your point of view with the ongoing drama that is the Financial Crisis, which we know to be bogus, so maybe, just maybe when these tribes do speak, shouldnt we at least have a listen and do a little research. What if they were right, and remember doesnt every great civilisation have a Moses/Great flood story?, maybe this is because there is a cyclicle procession of our planet that over a given period does cause an axis shift or flip. Can we remove ourselves from the X Factor for a bit just to see. I leave it up to you. Lets hope for all our sakes its not true.

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