Let the Euro and the European Union Collapse to Send the Bankers a Message

Monday, September 26, 2011
By Paul Martin


The Central Bankers in Europe have been trying to enslave the world by fraud and a phony debt the people do not owe. Europe should just default on the derivatives, abandon the Euro altogether and arrest the bankers if they use financial terrorism as an end to a means. We are starting to see a financial insurrection world wide against the private central bankers. These bankers know they are being found out and the people in power better learn real quick that being an agent for these oligarchs will not mean they will escape justice aiding in banker fraud.

The bankers have been responsible for much of the famines and disease around the world because they see these people’s lives have no value to them. The politicians or dictators in these countries are brought and paid for by these same bankers to keep these countries from ever developing industry and elevating the standard of living in these underdeveloped nations. The banking cartel has been the people behind all the unnecessary misery because they are saving mother earth is their justification. The world bank has terrorized villagers in Uganda shooting children, forcing innocent people off their land in the name of saving the planet. This was done in southern Mexico relocating the Mayans off ancient land that was theirs in the name of biodiversity. These bankers are very sick people with no regard for humanity.

The free people in the world have been defrauded by these bankers to pay a debt they do not owe them. The people in Europe should not have to do with less, pay more in higher taxes to these bankers and be impoverished to pay a phony debt . It is time we just default on the debt completely and tell the bankers no more. We are tired of the Bank of England, The Federal Reserve Bank, the IMF, The Bank of the World, the Bank of International Settlements, Wall Street and the City of London playing with our future as free people. These Bankers are not above the law and should not escape justice for their crimes against humanity. They been behind wars,mass murders and famines to achieve their means to an end. These European countries should just default completely on the debt, get out of the euro, get out of the EU and not give the bankers what they want. Let the too big to fail banks go under, life will be better without them for all of us.

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