Fiat Currency Crisis Commenced this Month

Saturday, September 24, 2011
By Paul Martin
Sep, 23, 2011

This week’s stock market collapse, set off by THE FEDERAL RESERVE’s ongoing reckless actions, is proof positive the TITANIC MOMENT I referenced this morning has been reached. No longer will OFFICIAL policy responses work AT ALL, and each day that passes the collective bankruptcy of the ENTIRE WESTERN BANKING SYSTEM will be exposed further to the light. Central Banks and politicians alike will propose exponentially more dangerous “solutions” to the problem, all of which will have the opposite effect, and NO LONGER will the unemployed and starving keep quiet while the welfare system melts down in front of them.

The system is not DYING, it is DEAD.

Per my RANT yesterday, “LESS THAN ZERO”, all that is left now is PRINTING MONEY TO MANIPULATE MARKETS – nothing more, nothing less. Watching YET ANOTHER day of all European markets down 5% but the Dow Futures held to -200 all morning (the PPT’s current pre-market line in the sand), and then, with the Dow down 530 points with just 15 minutes left, rocketing up nearly 200 points before closing down 390, shows just how rigged the stock market is. Not to mention taking down PAPER SILVER nearly $4/oz, or 10%, nearly all in the COMEX hours, amidst the most bullish possible fundamentals, and watching Treasury Bonds DRAMATICALLY surpass their 2008-09 highs thanks to the accelerated QE “Twist” announced yesterday.

I say this not to RANT, as I no longer own ANY stocks, just PHYSICAL metal that does not impact my brokerage account value, but to point out there is NOTHING left of the U.S. financial markets, in any way, shape, or form. The economy AND markets are non-entities, the former unable to support the livelihood of 300+ million citizens and the latter serving to destroy anyone that participates in it (except the TBTF banks, of course). If you put your money in the financial markets, you WILL lose it, no matter what you attempt, so you’d better be sure you have a significant inventory of PHYSICAL METAL before you decide to play in the rigged casino.

However, the reason I’m writing a SECOND RANT on my birthday (and third since last evening!) is EVEN MORE OBVIOUS EVIDENCE the system has died, never to be recovered to even THIS SUMMER’S CRISIS LEVELS. This evidence depicts EXACTLY what I have been writing about all these years; however, watching it unfold in front of my eyes is STILL difficult to comprehend. And that evidence is the COMPLETE AND UTTER COLLAPSE we are seeing in ESSENTIALLY EVERY CURRENCY against the dollar.

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