Plutonium May Be Flowing All The Way To West Coast

Wednesday, September 21, 2011
By Paul Martin

Breaking News: We are running out of time
September 19th, 2011

Within the 30km zone surrounding the Fukushima dai-ichi power plant, there is a certain amount of despair setting in regarding the question of whether or not residents will ever be able to return to their homes. Serious problems remain. “In reactor three, which suffered a meltdown, fuel rods containing plutonium perforated the bottom of the containment and embedded themselves in the basement of the building. Just where and how far the plutonium travelled, no one quite knows”. (political commentator Jirou Honzawa)

On the tenth of August, LDP party and Diet member Seiichi Murakami posed the question of the whereabouts of the plutonium to the budget steering committee of the lower house, but neither Minister of health, Labour and Welfare Ritsuo Hosokawa nor his fellow ministers were able to provide an answer.

The day after the question, Jirou Honzawa interviewed the member Murakami. “The plutonium is certainly buried deep within the basement, but where exactly is anyone’s guess, and no one is able to pin it down. Obviously, the ocean is right next to the facility, so there’s no question that underground water is flowing into the sea. TEPCO is absolutely avoiding checking this out, and the government and the mass media are keeping a tight lid on this whole stinking mess.

Immediately after the accident, when it was announced that low-level contaminated water was to be discharged into the ocean, Murakami raised the possibility than contaminants might be carried far past the Alutian archipelago and possibly reach as far as San Francisco. however the government was unable to provide a compelling rebuttal. “Contamination of the ocean is continuing steadily. The scary thing is that unlike cesium, plutonium has a half life of 24,000 years, longer than anyone can fully comprehend. That’s how long this pollution of the ocean will continue, and if we don’t come to grips with this one way or another, we are going to fall afoul of international law. Those countries affected by the oceanic contamination are going to demand damages, aren’t they? But of course the government is preoccupied with short-term concerns, and are failing to get a handle on the situation.” (Honzawa)

We are running out of time.

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