Wall Street People’s Occupation has begun

Saturday, September 17, 2011
By Paul Martin

Deborah Dupre
September 17, 2011

Over 1000 people have gathered on Wall Street to occupy it. Police presence is heavy.

Protesters are chanting, “Power to the people.”

The police presence is so heavy at Zucotti Park, one participant has Tweeted, “Zuccotti Park where 1000+ protesters are gathered is being surrounded by police. Suggest prepare to disperse & reform.” (#usdor #takewallstreet)

The revolution will not be televised – but is being live-streamed

As human rights defenders gear to begin the indefinite People’s Occupation of Washington DC starting October 6, Saturday, hundreds of protesters have descended on Wall Street in New York to occupy it indefinitely, or until President Barack Obama establishes a commission to end “the influence money has over our representatives in Washington.”

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