Boycott The NFL for Partnership With Homeland Security and Enhanced Patdowns at Stadiums. The NFL will mean soon”Not For Long” If We Send a Strong Message Saying “NO”

Friday, September 16, 2011
By Paul Martin
Friday, September 16, 2011

What really turned me off with professional football when they had a commercial where Terry Bradshaw and his other fellow football gladiators were allowed to walk past the TSA showing the their Super Bowl rings while the average person was being abused like it was funny. I did not find it funny at all. What is so funny about losing freedoms while certain people get special treatment because of their celebrity status showing we are all equal in the eyes of the state, but some are more equal than others as it was said in George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm at the end of the book.

Now what TSA has done in the airport violating everyone’s bodily orifice from head to toe to board an airplane now will have to endure the same tactics just to watch a football game in a stadium. The NFL has no business partnering with Homeland Security. The National Football league handled their security very well for decades without Federal intrusion. Before these draconian measure were in place. Most stadiums had there security handled by a private contractor and the local police. They were able to provide security without the intrusiveness and hassle. People were able to enjoy the event without any police annoyance.

Now the NFL has partnered with Homeland Security with this “If you see something, say something” along with enhanced pat downs, even with full body scanners and the thought police trying to read our minds being behavior detectors.If I am have to go through all that trouble just to watch a live game, Then it is not worth the trouble just to watch a game. First they will start with pat downs at the gate, then it can go to behavior monitors making average human activity a possible national security threat? Will we be considered a possible terrorist threat if our team loses the game because the quarterback threw more interception complete passes to the opposing team then his own receivers or the official throw a flag making a bad call. Will the fan’s rage at the official or the team be deemed a possible terrorist threat when these types of emotion always run high during a game. So flipping the bird toward the field might be a possible terrorist threat now?. If you think I am over the top saying where this can go starting with pat downs at the gate to behavior monitors watching us in the stands can happen, I would not be surprised if it does, you should not either.

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