The Evil Eye of Empire Turned Inward Against America On 9/11

Thursday, September 15, 2011
By Paul Martin

Saman Mohammadi
Sept 15, 2011

“But the new barbarian is no uncouth
Desert-dweller; he does not emerge
From fir forests; factories bred him;
Corporate companies, college towns
Mothered his mind, and many journals
Backed his beliefs. He was born here. The
Bravura of revolvers in vogue now
And the cult of death are quite at home
Inside the city.” – W. H. Auden, from his 1947 poem, “The Age of Anxiety.”
“And through the window in the wall
Come streaming in on sunlight wings
A million bright ambassadors of morning” – Pink Floyd, from the song, “Echoes.”

I don’t like writing another article about 9/11 truth, but I can’t help myself. This is venting for me. It doesn’t matter how much I think about the 9/11 lie, the feeling of sickness and anger at the real terrorists won’t go away until true justice is done. I’m sure everyone who knows the official story is a lie feels the same way as I do.

Alone we are depressed and anxious, but together we are strong enough to destroy the 9/11 lie and put an end to the evil war on terror. We must always remember that the 9/11 tragedy was used to give birth to a million little tragedies in Iraq, Afghanistan and across the Middle East.

We can’t lose hope just because the truth falls on a lot of deaf ears. Every age is filled with ambitious rotten elites and millions of gullible fools who cling to elaborate fictions because thinking for themselves is not in their mental tool box.

We “conspiracy theorists” and “lunatics” are protectors of the truth, cultural memory and real history. We are fighting back against the silent colonization of the public mind and restoring the mental integrity of the individual. We know that a society that ignores the truth and abandons critical thinking has no future.
Our task as truth-tellers and questioners of the official lie is a noble one. If the truth is not spoken and exposed then justice for the 9/11 victims will never be done and the criminal wars will never end.
Justice, understanding, and peace will bring healing to America and the Middle East, not politically staged memorials where a nation’s tears is cynically used by shameless politicians and the media to perpetuate a hollow struggle against a fake enemy.

The fact that 9/11 truth-tellers who want justice for the victims of state terror were violently suppressed and arrested on the streets of New York is a travesty.

As a result of the sham political theatre and government doublespeak, the tenth anniversary of the attacks brought little closure to America and the world. The hole of lies that was blasted open by the U.S. shadow government and the Israeli shadow government on September 11, 2001, remains open ten years later.

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