Warning For Americans: Be Safe and Stay Alert. It’s Coming.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011
By Paul Martin

Mac Slavo
September 13th, 2011

In June of this year we published our first on the ground report from Greece provided to us by long-time SHTFplan.com contributor Manos.

As Greece continues to deteriorate it is no doubt foreshadowing what’s to come for the rest of the world’s developed nations in the near future, Manos is keeping us updated and he is very concerned about the future of his country, as well as the spreading of the contagion which will soon envelop advanced economies around the globe.

Greece provides us a microcosmic view of what an economic, financial, political and societal collapse looks like. In 13 Signs of a Societal Collapse, Tess Pennington details some of the events we’ll see happening during a systemic break down of nations. You’ll note that the US is well on its way, meeting some of the criteria, but Greece is now sitting at the precipice, with perhaps weeks or months left before the world Greeks have come to know over the last twenty years is completely destroyed. If Greece falls, the Euro may go with it, which means extremely serious (as in possible military confrontations in the future) consequences in the region.

Here’s the latest from Greece, and it should be a wake up call.

This is happening right now, in an economy and political system that was supposed to be centrally managed to avoid such things. We are witnessing the collapse of the first domino, and the chain reaction’s blast wave will obliterate the societies of entire first world nations.

On the ground report from Greece by Manos
September 11, 2011

…It’s very important because all our discussions and postings seem to come true.

After our socio-fascist government implemented all of Germany’s directives, the Greek people have come to an absolute desperation and poverty.

What is also outrageous is the fact that are own government has passed the message to the global banksters and other nations that Greek people are
lazy and incapable.

Today, after two years of screwing and pressing us, most households and businesses have stopped paying. Stopped paying taxes, utility bills, toll fees, or anything else related to the government.

Two hours ago, this same government announced a new property tax (added to the 2 previous ones). This one will be calculated on every and each household, business, cottage, or even a barn for animals. It will be 4 euros per square meter calculated immediately, to be paid by this December the latest.

Once again let me tell you that we are not a lazy nation or useless people.

This has to do with some 4% of the working force, and all of them public servants who were hired by each government in order to gain votes for its next election campaign. So what’s actually happening is the same person who hired those people, now tries to persuade the rest of the nation that they are incapable.

The steps were very wisely thought out and implemented by the globalists.

They made fools out of us
They turned one against the other.
They decreased salaries and wages.
They increased prices of necessary goods.
They put us into poverty.
Now they demonize property by implementing more and more taxes
The next steps are to force us sell our properties to German and Chinese companies, and create jobs in German and Chinese factories for the thousands of hungry.
Please Mac, pass the message. Your people must learn from our suffering.

We are finished.

Alert yor friends, relatives, co-workers.

Be safe and stay alert. It’s coming.

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