Barbara Honegger And The Pentagon Attack Papers in 2 Minutes

Sunday, September 11, 2011
By Paul Martin
September 11, 2011

NORAD gave the 911 Commission 3 conflicting timelines and scenarios for air defense. response. The 911 Commission considered giving a criminal referral to the Department of Justice against NORAD and the FAA for perjury and obstruction of justice. but eventually declined to do so. The Air Force and NORAD lied to the Congress as well.

Mohammed Atta was photographed at the Portland Maine airport on the morning of 9-11. That airport was used by the CIA on rendition flights. (Think how ironic it would be if Atta was in Portland to participate in a CIA rendition only to become the biggest patsy of the 21st century.)

A 757 is 120 feet wing tip to wing tip but there was only a 90 foot wide hole in the Pentagon.

There were standing columns after the alleged impact. The 3 exit holes are perfectly round and look more like a punch out hole made from a shape charge. There is a V shaped symbol with a line through it which is an international rescue symbol for dead victims removed. This tells rescue workers that all victims have been removed. There were 3 C ring exit holes.

The plane nose which was made of light aluminum and was supposed to push its way 310 feet through 2 rings of reinforced concrete and kevlar.

The column failure ended at 120 feet inside the Pentagon. The plane was supposed to go an additional 190 feet and somehow not cause column failure but be able to exit the C ring.

There is no pathway from the entrance point to the alleged exit hole without intact columns.

The outside wall had wire mesh, 5 feet of reinforced concrete, kevlar and 16 inches of brick.

What was alleged to be the Flight Data recorder for Flight 77 had no serial number. This is contrary to federal law which requires a serial number to identify all plane parts in case of a crash.

The alleged Flight Data recorder has a break in data and indicates tampering. It does not record changes in altitude recorded by radar before Flight 77′s transponder was turned off.

There is a problem with the plane parts in the photos taken of the Pentagon lawn. The largest debris on the lawn is from the starboard (right) of a 757 was found on the port (left) side.

The FBI has refused to release serial numbers for parts that were alleged to be from Flight 77.

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