Tuesday, September 6, 2011
By Paul Martin

By Former Arizona State Senator Karen Johnson
September 6, 2011

Groups throughout the country have struggled for years to promote amnesty without success. They even tried relabeling it as “comprehensive immigration reform,” but fooled no one. Congress has made several failed attempts to pass amnesty legislation in recent years, including one bill that so outraged the public that they flooded Washington with phone calls, crashed the Congressional switchboard, and scared their elected officials away from any further attempts. Even President Obama, until recently, shied away from taking action on amnesty, knowing the overwhelming objections of the American public.

In 2008, Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce President Lane Beattie and United Way President Deborah Bayle organized and co-chaired a group of businesses, non-profits, churches, and other organizations into a group called the Immigration Policy Coalition (IPC). In addition to her duties at United Way, Bayle is also a member of the governing board of the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce. Both Beattie and Bayle advocate amnesty, and both are principle signers of the Utah Compact. [1] Two years after organizing the IPC, amnesty was still only a dream and the IPC was alarmed at the growing movement to enforce immigration laws at the state level. The passage of SB1070 in Arizona sent shock waves throughout the business community in Utah and other states.

Meanwhile many radical Left groups had likewise experienced only frustration and failure in their attempts to pass amnesty, the Dream Act, and other pro-open borders legislation. The passage of SB1070 seemed to herald the death of the amnesty movement.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, in November, 2010, the Utah Compact surfaced in a smarmy, tightly scripted ceremony at the Utah state capitol, injecting new life into the amnesty movement.

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