How To Free Ourselves From Our Own Government

Tuesday, September 6, 2011
By Paul Martin

Your Personal Declaration of Independence

by Jeff Berwick

Have you heard of Jeff Knaebel? Probably not. News of him has been purposefully ignored across mainstream media – the same as with Tom Ball who self-immoliated in New Hampshire earlier this year.

Jeff Knaebel saw beyond the pomp, pageantry and lies of the flag and patriotism to see that government is nothing but a criminal, violent gang and in 1995 he attempted to extract himself from the system – something that is proving nearly impossible to detach completely from. Your government doesn’t want to let its tax slaves escape so easily.

In his quest, Knaebel, an American, moved to India in 2006 where he wrote Experiments in Moral Sovereignty: Notes of an American Exile in which he published “My Personal Declaration of Severance and Independence” from the United States.

[Ed. Note: Doug Casey wrote his own personal “Individual Declaration of Independence” on July 4, 1996 which you can print out and sign if you wish to make a formal declaration]

Knaebel then burned his American passport and renounced his American citizenship on June 19, 2009, thus making himself stateless.

He felt that government taxation and restrictions on personal movement and domicile were tantamount to slavery, especially when taxpayers could not opt out of having their tax money spent on war.

He wished to prove by his actions that the current system of World States makes it nearly impossible for a truly nonviolent person to exist. He wanted to move about freely without hiding or risking harassment by governmental authorities. Furthermore, he wished to demonstrate that governments were truly coercive because they did not allow one to withdraw from citizenship, from paying taxes, and from using government identification documents.

He was harassed by the Indian Government until as a final protest he burned himself to death in January of this year near the ancient monastic ruins of Bairat.

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