Got Attitude?:Give your children your fundamental skepticism of the regime

Monday, September 5, 2011
By Paul Martin

by Karen Kwiatkowski

What makes a person successful hasn’t changed much over time. Successful people have ability to learn, to adapt, to communicate and to work hard. Beyond that, to make a real difference we all need an ability to love, to be passionate, and to reflect on the world around us – be it the physical world of nature and technology, or the metaphysical world of ideas and the unseen but possible.

As we think specifically about our young children or grandchildren, we will find that even these skills will not be enough. An ability to learn, for many, will be learning what government employees and bureaucrats are teaching that day, and that year, and that decade, in an environment of authoritarian smarm. To learn here means to learn dependency on governments and fear of change, and to embrace boredom as the normal human condition, to be relieved chemically.

An ability to adapt, for our youngest little “citizens” means to adapt to arbitrary rules of not only parents, but policemen, teachers, government workers, and even international do-gooders. A child adapting to this environment learns to use the overbearing system of government inspections and demands, the inconsistency of government justice, crime and punishment, and the lack of fundamental truth contained in government pronouncements for his or her own benefit. Adapting to socialized systems, be they Soviet or Chinese style communism or the corporate nanny statism of the United States, means learning to selectively maximize and minimize compliance with arbitrary rules for personal gain. It is a very complex and complicated world, but it is largely unrelated to and completely unhinged from fundamental economics, the natural world, or a spiritual universe. When asked how the soon-to-be-elected President of the United States was going to pay for her mortgage and her car, the young woman in the infamous video of 2008 said, “I don’t know! His stash!” This idea of government as an infinite source, a real-life perpetual motion machine unsupported by logic, science or common sense, is a widely embraced way Americans are taught to see government and the state, and certainly, it is the way American government has behaved at the federal level for decades, borrowing from the future with no intention of paying anything back. To adapt to this current non-sensical “reality” is how many of our young people will exercise this otherwise critical and creative survival skill.

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