Ron Holland on the Inevitability of Societal Chaos, How the Elites Will Try to Maintain Control – And How You Can Protect Your Wealth From Confiscation

Friday, September 2, 2011
By Paul Martin

Anthony Wile

The Daily Bell is pleased to present an exclusive interview with Ron Holland (left).

Introduction: Ron Holland is the author of three books, numerous special reports and hundreds of articles on investment and political topics, many of which focus on the interplay between politics and the investment markets. Selections of his essays can be found in the archives of and The Daily He currently is a contributing editor to several newsletters dealing with political and investing topics, a member of the Advisory Board of Zurich-based BFI-Consulting and Chairman of the Advisory Board of The Foundation for the Advancement of Free-Market Thinking (FAFMT).

Daily Bell: Thanks for taking the time to participate in another interview. Since you were here last time in December, things have continued to erode in the global economy. Do you feel the downward trend for the US dollar is going to change anytime soon?

Ron Holland: Thanks for having me back, always a pleasure. With respect to your question about the future of the US dollar, before I answer it, I would like to say that I am not anti-American in anyway and, in fact, quite the opposite. My views are firmly aligned with those who believe in an individual’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But today in America we see these rights eroding right along with the dollar. So I have begun to speak out along with millions of other Americans.

Daily Bell: It does seem as if people are growing angrier, and more awake about what’s going on. Or maybe that’s just our bias.

Ron Holland: It’s because the system is falling apart and growing more obviously unfair at the same time. The Anglosphere power elite has taken complete control of the US – of the entire West, as a matter of fact. Of course it’s always been that way to some extent.

Daily Bell: You have a point about the obviousness.

Ron Holland: It used to be that they tried to hide it but the Internet has made that increasingly impossible as the DB often points out. So, it’s like they don’t care anymore. They’re pursuing their one-world vision no matter what. If you get in their way, they’ll try to run you over. And people resent it. Trouble for them is there are a lot more of us than them.

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