Ultimate betrayal by the ultimate traitors..(The List of The World Evil Elite!!)

Thursday, September 1, 2011
By Paul Martin

by Tony Cartalucci

The war is far from over – in fact, Libya’s rebels have yet to actually take Tripoli, with entire sections of the city still being contested. Further more, entire cities, including Sirte, Bani Waled, and Libya’s entire interior still stand completely under the Libyan government’s control and have repelled rebels continuously over the last two weeks even with brutal NATO bombings and the expressed desire to purposefully starve their populations into submission. Despite this, the corporate media has committed to an endless mantra of “the victorious rebels” and are focused, however unrealistically, on quickly “rebuilding Libya.” Not surprisingly, this “rebuilding” will be done according to Wall Street and London’s designs, not those of the Libyan people.

The Atlantic Council, a Fortune 500-funded think tank whose entire existence consists of perpetuating the collective interests of the global corporate-financier elite (including Shell, BP, Chevron, Exxon and a myriad of military industrial corporations), encapsulates the “coached” nature of Libya’s rebuilding in an article appropriately titled, “Rebuilding Libya.” In the opening sentence, it is conceded, however weaselly worded, that fighting is still ongoing in Tripoli. Additionally, the article, written by Washington insiders, also concedes that the rebels represent “only a spectrum of Cyrenaican (i.e. Eastern Libyan) interests aligned with the NATO countries.”

Despite both the rebels’ tenuous tactical reality and their non-existent legitimacy, coupled with now open knowledge that their fighters are led by notorious terrorists drawn from the most extreme ranks of Al Qaeda, the Atlantic Council article soldiers on claiming Libya’s “immense resource wealth, small population, and ability to attract foreign investment and expertise” will help its prospects for sustainable economic growth. The article takes special care to provide advice on how Western powers can avoid appearing to be engaged in “neo-colonialism” by carefully prodding along the development of this contrived puppet regime using “carrots and sticks.” The article also suggests that those serving Qaddafi’s government be utilized in building up the rebels’ regime to avoid a prolonged power vacuum and the accompanying instability such a vacuum engenders – instability that is already prevalent in the wake of NATO’s bombs and the following onslaught of the Benghazi rebels.

Between reading the article and looking at the accompanying picture, with Libya’s two arch-traitors Mahmoud Gebril and Mustafa Abdul Jalil flanked by their European sponsors, we get a concrete sense of the very real neo-colonialism taking place. The rebels appear nothing more than an ultra-violent horde of mercenaries led by an ultra-servile leadership unable to make a single decision independently without first groveling in Doha, Paris, Rome, or Washington.

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