Thursday, September 1, 2011
By Paul Martin

Washington, DC – I had a dream. In it, I saw a beautiful woman far away and began to walk towards her. However, as I came closer, something began to change. I began to notice flaws and cracks in the mirage. She was heavily concealed, and when I finally reached her, I realized I was looking at a corpse under heavy makeup.

The United States has become that corpse. Once a young, vibrant, and healthy nation, the foundations have rotted away until there is nothing left. The core principles that defined America as an ideal, as a concept, as a structure have all but disappeared. What remains is nothing less than pure corruption, decay, and the stinking odor of death.

Once a strong and proud Christian nation, the heritage of the U.S. was steadily destroyed by the communists until any remaining vestige was deemed to be in violation of the Constitution. In an Orwellian perversion of truth and logic, the country whose Constitution was founded by Christians on Christian principles turned into a country that systematically eradicated any remaining references to Christianity on the sick grounds that it was upholding the Constitution.

The U.S. has become nothing more than a rotting corpse, but the world and its citizenry at large are still looking through rose-colored glasses. It is 15 trillion dollars in debt, borrows 1.5 trillion a year, has an anemic economy and is rapidly devaluing its currency, yet all but one of the credit rating agencies deem its Treasuries to be AAA, the gold standard rating.
It’s economy has changed from a strong manufacturing-oriented system to a consumer-based, middleman trinket one that does nothing more than skim profits off the top of Chinese goods produced by slave-labor. It produces hardly anything anymore, yet ostensibly has a strong economy. Malls, fashion stores, Mcdonalds, and cell phone stores litter the landscape, yet we are supposed to believe that this is the sign of a healthy capitalist free-market system.

The federal government, influenced by communistic sabotage-oriented doctrines, has attempted to hide and conceal the rotten nature of the economy by borrowing more and more money and spending it in order to “stimulate” growth, as if mindlessly wasting huge sums of taxpayer money will somehow induce rational citizens to leap to life and re-invent the wheel, creating an economic boom.

This has led to a situation where the feds cannot stop borrowing and spending, or they will cause an immediate 10+% contraction in GDP, otherwise known as a Depression.

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