Unwelcome Earth Changes?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011
By Paul Martin

The Intel Hub
By Dr. Mark Sircus – Contributing Writer
August 29, 2011

In today’s post my visuals are centered on unusual earth events.

It is hard to believe the landscape of reality that is presenting itself today.

I have so many essays in the bullpen in various stages of completion, and though many of them are interesting medical essays, some are about counting the days to doomsday, whether that be a financial one or one coming from Nature.

It looks like we are going to get a grand lesson in synchronicity for we seem to be getting clobbered from many sides at once.

Everyone who knows my work knows my voice has been one of warnings. I have been concentrating on many things simultaneously but we need to step back and get an overview.

First up is the easy stuff to follow, the changes that are of our own making. Jim Willie, a respected financial writer has a lot to say about reality in the USA. “Something big is going on in the United States in a sentiment change, an altered state of psychology, a growing sense of panic.

My opinion is that the nation has entered the early stage of comprehension among the population of systemic failure. A sense of doom is creeping into the nation’s living rooms and boardrooms—that the nation is in deterioration.

Worse, they are realizing how the U.S. Federal Reserve is toothless, unable to address or treat the problems.” The citizenry “sense something is horribly wrong and worse, that no current treatment will fix anything.”

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